*clears throat*

…………WELP *flips table*



*clears throat*

…………WELP *flips table*

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Hey everyone!

I just recently passed a follower milestone and I’m also coming up on my second year on tumblr.  Pretty incredible!  Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to look, follow, reblog and like, and leave comments on my inane works.  I know I’m not much of a personal person, but do know that I am grateful for the support and encouragement people have given me and for willing to stick around.  It means more than I can say!

Alright, before I embarrass myself further, I am holding an art giveaway as a chance for me to give back to all of you!


  • To participate, you must be a follower of mine.  Because really this giveaway is for you guys!
  • Reblog and/or like this post!  Doing so will earn you two entries, but no more.
  • This giveaway will close Friday, June 7th, 9pm PST. You may reblog/like from now until then.
  • Once I have drawn the winners, I send messages via their ask inboxes (and hope Tumblr doesn’t eat them) with information on how to contact me to claim their prizes. I will also publicly announce the winners in a post on my tumblr. 
  • If winners do not respond after 24 hours, their prize is forfeited and I will choose a new winner from the remaining entrants.

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*snorts* poor Teagan…

Where is Bitchy!Teagan coming from?

A quick google suggests Mark of the Assassin, but I’ve never gotten that line.

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True facts about sloths [x]

nick, look, it’s a memer.

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They really are remarkably similar, though I think Alistair comes off better in the bone structure battle. And the eyebrow war. (Alistairs on the right, of course.)

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Fenris as a VanguardMass Age crossover


Fenris as a Vanguard

Mass Age crossover

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Have some random grumpy Alistair. 


Have some random grumpy Alistair. 

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no but really 

what did fenris think would be in that chest? 



Word of God: “What did Fenris think was in the chest?”

Information on his family. He didn’t really think it was true, and was all but certain it was just a way to lure him into the open, but he couldn’t ignore it. (source)

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